Cento is a smart currency

that has unique competitive advantages when compared to all other forms of electronic cash systems including Bitcoin.
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About Cento

One Cento is made from eight different precious metals, all from suppliers that have been pre-qualified by the Cento team.

To create a Cento, eight smart contracts — one for each piece of metal in the Cento — are executed, containing essential and comprehensive data about the supplier and the metal’s location.

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Cento Price History

Unlike Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Currencies, which depend on various economic factors such as market stability, lack of economic wars, popularity, media support, etc., Cento's value is growing steadily despite the trade war between the USA and China, local wars, fires in Australia, the Coronavirus epidemic and other factors that affect trade relations and slow down the world economy.

cento price history

In 2019, we developed a simulation that, based on a huge number of factors, calculated how Cento would behave in the medium term if only internal growth factors were used. The simulation showed that the price of Cento will grow slowly but steadily, which fully confirmed our ideas.

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Cento xAi

xAI is like a central bank: it actively and unbiasedly observes the value of Cento and other assets. Using historical market trend data, it can take action to stabilize price levels if price dips or other destabilizing activities signal a need for rebalance. This leads to an increase in value over time.

wave wave mobile Cento xAi
The creators of Cento believe in the transformative powers of technology and aim to introduce a smart currency that is global
Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic Value

Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, Cento is a real currency in which each coin is supported by noble metals and has a real value

Price Stability

Price Stability

The guarantee of Cento's stability is not only precious metals but also an xAI system that stabilizes the price during difficult times in the market

Transparent Systems

Transparent Systems

Each of the eight metals is connected to the Cento smart contracts, so you can easily find out where noble metals is located and who was the supplier

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Minting Process

As soon as a registered user submits an application for the purchase of Cento and makes payment, the system automatically starts the coinage process. This process can last approximately hours since it involves a number of important steps, ranging from buying all eight precious metals to transporting them to the Cento vault.


Request for minting


Purchase metals from suppliers


deliver metals to Vault


Minting Cento and sending to the buyer

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Supply Contracts

Each Cento — and each spendable fraction (“Noble”) of a Cento — can be used to make online payments, execute cross-border transfers, and more. Secure, semi-decentralized ledger technology maintains immaculate records of all circulating Cento and every transaction.

  • Resource Name
  • Resource Weight
  • Supplier Company Name
  • Shipping Date
  • Supplier Signature
  • Fingerprint Number
  • Arrival Date to Vault
  • Arrival Weight to Vault
  • Etc.

All signed Supply Contracts are write protected and no one can change them

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Growing Value

Cento is not just another blockchain currency. Every minting of the Cento, every transaction, every exchange or purchase made with a Cento makes it more valuable, and the user of the Cento richer.

75% of the fees from all Cento transactions are automatically re-invested in Cento`s value.

Cento Calculator

The calculator will help you understand the approximate price

1 Cento Weight, gram

0 Price per Cento, USD

10 Amount of Cento

0 Total Price, USD

1 Cento
1,000 Cento
  • 01 Create you own account on
  • 02 Place an order to the start minting process
  • 03 Make your payment and wait for confirmation
  • 04 After confirming payment, get Cento in your account

Cento Roadmap

We’ve created a currency that isn’t accompanied by the dangers of modern cryptocurrencies and outdated paper money. Cento is powerful, increases in value over time, and can’t be affected by fluctuations.

Jan 1905

Parent Company Formation

The history of Cento begins with the creation of the Switzerland-based company, Sovereign Mint. It is the parent company of Cento and was created in 1905. Sovereign Mint is a company that has vast experience in working with precious metals, and this is one of the factors that prompted the idea to create Cento.

Jul 2013

Technology Company Formation

In the summer of 2013, a technology company was created that began to work on ideas that eventually formed the basis of the Cento Smart Currency. Prior to 2013, we studied available and emerging technologies, building modern financial models, and working with AI in the financial world.

May 2019

Blockchain Technology Development

Over several years we tested various blockchain technologies that Cento could optimally work with. This was done because Cento appears to be a simple system, but internally it is a complex idea that requires the best technologies to function properly. As a result, the choice was made to use the new Substrate blockchain from Parity Company. If superior blockchain systems are developed in the future, we will transfer the Cento system to it.

Jun 2019

SmartSafe Technology Development (beta)

The first designs of the Cento SmartSafe were made in early summer 2019. By September 2021, we switched to Beta status. Work on Cento SmartSafe is ongoing and, in the near future, we plan to release it is a mobile application.

Dec 2021

xAI Development

Work with AI began in the spring of 2019. Thereafter, the team began collecting additional information in order to begin instructing others about the AI model to be used with Cento Smart Currency.

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Cento was created to be a hybrid solution - it’s a currency that we hope will tackle a number of problems around the world, as well as simply being a better and more viable alternative.

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