About Smart Currency

What is Smart Currency and how is it different from Cryptocurrency?

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So What Is Smart Currency?

This is a currency that has tangible value and works on artificial intelligence (xAI) and blockchain. It is safe. It is fluctuation resistant. Its value is supported by assets and is based on intelligent technologies.

Capital Appreciation

Capital Appreciation

Cento is backed by a basket of eight different precious metal commodities and its value is bolstered via the proprietary, xAI influence. Cento can accumulate in value since the assets pledged against the coin have their own intrinsic value.

Price Stability

Price Stability

As an asset-backed currency, Cento enjoys price stability, positioning it as a good store-of-value and favorable for commercial and day-to-day transactions



Cento is semi-decentralized and digital, making it accessible anywhere at any time. That makes it ideal for cross-border payments or transactions that require multiple conversions of currency



By leveraging custom-built Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, Cento limits human interference in the system. Transactions are executed in a clear-cut fashion and records are stored in an immutable and chronological manner to build trust and foster wider acceptance.

Disadvantages of Currencies

Inflation and the decline in the value of fiat currencies have led to the creation of cryptocurrencies, but they also have many disadvantages.

Advantages and Вisadvantages of Сryptocurrencies


Illiquidity and value volatility are inherent to cryptocurrency, which makes them largely unappealing on a mainstream scale. It is viewed as purely speculative by most financial professionals, causing most people to steer away from using it on a regular basis.


The problem with cryptocurrencies is that it is very easy to deceive people. Fraudsters spend a minimal amount of time creating a fork of the Ethereum or tokens of other blockchain projects and sell it to people. Very quickly, such cryptocurrencies die, and other scam projects appear in their place.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies use such modern technologies as Blockchain, they can be very unstable and already have a questionable reputation

The Advantage Of Smart Currency Versus Cryptocurrency

Cento is not only stable due to the fact that each Noble (10,000,000,000 part of Cento) has 9 contracts with 9 precious metals. Cento is stable due to the work of the tenth element - Decam xAi which acts as a safe.
Trusted and Transparent
Cento is as reliable as a Swiss Army Knife! And this is not only because it was invented in Switzerland, but thanks to the counterbalance system when the Cento System includes a huge number of players, from Stakeholders to Suppliers of precious metals, and for these people the reputation is always in the first place.
Democratic Governed By Stakeholders and AI
From the very beginning, Cento was conceived as a smart currency, which is Governed By Stakeholders and AI and in which every Cento holder has the right to vote and the right to decide the future of Cento Smart Currencies. This is part of Cento's philosophy and is the basis of all Smart Currencies.
Immune to currency inflation
Due to the xAi system, Smart Currency Cent is much more stable than any Cryptocurrency, even those backed by gold or a bunch of metals.

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